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Neutral Building D.Va Do-Over

A while back, I posted some ideas about what I'd do with D.Va on an Overwatch TV show. However, I readily conceded not having enough information to "get" the character. She was too strong -- or rather, too direct. A tour video with Charlet Chung inspired this improved introduction. (And yes, there are still placeholders in it. Sue me.)

* * * * * * *

View from SELFIE CAM. D.VA, a narcissistic pro-gamer, carries cam through MEKA BARRACKS.

Hey, everybody! D.Va here! I wanted to show you the latest changes around here at MEKA.

Shows room. There is a TABLE and CHAIRS where MEKA PILOTS are eating breakfast.

D.VA (cont’d)
We just moved into our new training facility. Everything’s shiny, and it has that “new building” smell.

Back on D.Va.

D.VA (cont’d)
We have all-new bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room—and of course, the new training rigs. It’s a lot to get used to.

On table. MEKA pilots look up. D.Va picks up BOX OF [SNACK FOOD], with PICTURE OF D.VA on front.

D.VA (cont’d)
But one thing that hasn’t changed is [SNACK FOOD]. It’ll still give all the gamers out there the energy you need to get through the day. Isn’t that right, boys?

On MEKA pilots, in turn.

It’s true! These things are amazing!

(mouth full)
Keep ‘em coming!

You’re the best, D.Va!

Hi, mom!

[RIVAL] (O.S.)
Song, what are you doing?

On D.Va.

Oh! I almost forgot the biggest change of all! [RIVAL] is in charge now. Say ‘hi,’ [RIVAL]!

On [RIVAL]. [RIVAL], an arrogant gamer, takes cam away and shuts it off. Resume normal camera mode.

That’s enough. I thought I told you no more endorsements.

D.Va takes cam back.

Oh, you did. But I’m still under contract for all the deals from before. We both know how important it is to keep your sponsors happy.

D.Va opens box of [SNACK FOOD] and begins munching. [RIVAL]’s eyes narrow.

We’re not gamers anymore, Lieutenant Hana Song. We are soldiers.

Pilots watch warily.

[RIVAL] (cont’d)
That monstrosity is coming back any day now, and MEKA has to be ready. I can’t have you prancing around like a child—much less roping your comrades into your antics.

Pilots stop eating altogether. D.Va scowls, but smiles again.

Don’t worry. A celebrity persona is always an act. I have the maturity to follow orders--wouldn’t be a six-time world champion without it.

Then let’s see your maturity. Finish breakfast in your room, then report for training at 0800.

D.Va’s fist clenches.

Yes, sir. Anything you say.

D.Va carries selfie cam and box of [SNACK FOOD] to her room.

D.Va enters her room. The walls are covered by POSTERS OF D.VA. The DOORS close behind her. She immediately turns around and sticks out her tongue.

* * * * * * *

  • D.Va has private quarters by virtue of being the only girl.
  • Sticking out the tongue may not be the right move, but I'm sure Korean culture has some equivalent gesture of childish disrespect.
Overall, I'm satisfied with this. The character is introduced in a way that either states or implies everything you need to know about D.Va. She's a gamer turned soldier, her fame has gone to her head, and it's become an impediment in her new environment. She can be outwardly vapid (when not behind a game controller), but is quite headstrong under it all. As before, her journey would be a path to maturity. She has the heart of a hero, but will at some point have to choose between saving the world and worshiping her own celebrity.

D.Va haters, did this make her likable? I find myself wanting to see more of the character -- but not necessarily wanting to see her succeed.
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