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Originally Posted by Tilgath View Post
Also wtf are void elves?
They're like... Elves that are like... Goth and stuff. Because clearly we needed more sub races of a race that was almost extinct than was almost extinct again and completely unrepresented in the game so far. I mean, they look alright, but it feels pretty fucking dumb. Even more so since they are entirely unestablished. So we have Highborne and Nightelves that split, Highborne that remain Nightelven from draining a Demon, Highborne, Naga (atleast this one is interesting, High Elves that still like nature, Bloodelves that drained Demons and Naruu to keep being like elves since they were almost wiped out, a faction of them that went to Outland, a smaller group that didn't and became Crackelves, a group that were killed and became vampires from a Vrykul curse up in north rend, Highborn that went and locked themselves away become Nightborn and now Void Elves, which I'm guessing are an even smaller population of elves that like, were with Alleria and some how got lost in the void and turned to using the void to deal with their totally insanely in terms of conceptualization magic addition or whatever. It's, not knowing a lot... really fucking goofy ass shit.
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