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Alright, gentlemen, THE HYPE IS ON.

This looks worse than I'd like but better than I expected, which is... Precisely what an expansion should be, in my opinion.

Random thoughts:

- It was nice to see a lot of races on the armies of each faction on that cinematic, instead of just generic humans versus generic orcs.

- Anduin's face looks rounder/softer/younger in this than his model in Legion. He looked older there. He's supposed to be what, seventeen at Legion, eighteen-ish by now? He looks fourteen here. Far too young.

- Also, he looks extraordinarily competent with that sword for someone who was a "disappointment" to Varian in the warrior arts.

- OTOH, that massive barrier is exactly what I expected of him. That scene was awesome.

- Tel'drassil burning? One continent for each faction? WTF? Unless they redesign all of the old world, massively, and also the starting experiences of each race, I don't see how this can work, except as scenarios or other instanced content.

- And that's only on the "gameplay" level. On that Lore level that is such a clusterf*** I'm not even going there.

- Horde seems to have better nice things. Nightborne, Zandalari, Zandalar... I would roll a Horde char just to play as a Zandalari troll. Alliance side doesn't look as good, but that may be just first impression.

- Those snake people look AWESOME. Next playable race, please.

- Really, though, what will be the next Night Elf starting zone? They wouldn't do phasing to that level, would they?

EDIT: The Allied Races page has this particular blurb: "Once an Allied Race is recruited, you can rediscover Azeroth through a revamped leveling experience featuring zones that scale as your character grows in power". Could it be that they really revamped the old world as a dynamic level zones, like I was daydreaming about in the other thread? I can't really believe it...

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