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I just had an idea as to what the Uldir plotline might be about, especially with its Mayincatec Troll architecture. And also how Troll architecture actually bears a close resemblance to the Black Empire's design. Uldir is a Titan lab to study the Old Gods, right?

"Laboratory" actually suggests they were trying to reverse engineer how the Old Gods worked. What if the Titans were actually copying off of designs from the Black Empire, like the fabled Towers of Sacrifice in Ny'alotha? What if they were also researching Old God magic and biology?

What if Trolls are so adept at dark sacrificial magics because they're one of the results of those experiments, which is also why they have such potent regenerative powers? What if there are some experiments which didn't turn out so well, and the bottom of Uldir houses something akin to an artificial Old God created by the Titans?

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