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So, are they actually going to revamp what they already revamped with Cataclysm?

I hope they clone Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor then, it would be so sad to lose the original content.

Makes you wonder why they just didn't repackage everything and start from scratch, calling it WoW 2 and setting it up a few years in the future.

Guess we'll have to wait.

Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
I'm very disappointed the Horde starting "continent" isn't Kezan instead of Zandalar. The Zandalari joining the Horde doesn't make any sense after all we've gone through, they should have stayed neutral. The "allied race" should have been forest trolls instead or whatever.

Also, pretty bullshit it's a faction war expansion, too. Stinks nothing's gonna happen, and if it does (Azshara) it will be downplayed to hell, like the Y'Shaarj in Mists of Pandaria.

The selection of allied races is kinda terrible too. In my opinion, this would have been far better:
  • Alliance: High elves, Stone dwarves, Broken draenei.
  • Horde: Berserker jungle trolls, Mok'nathal half-orc half-ogres, Darkfallen undead blood elves.
Of course, they would have special animations and models, and would be different enough just to not be shameless reskins. As for other subraces that aren't "different enough" to warrant such uniqueness, they should be made available through character customization (Wildhammer dwarves, Taunka, Blackrock orcs, Dark Iron dwarves, etc).

God damn it Blizzard, you lazy assholes.
The more I think about this, Blizzard must have turned into the most incompetent and/or lazy since pretty much ever. I mean, how can you fuck up so much with so much laziness with the new subraces?

Further elaboration on the ideas above, quick draft:

High Elves: Some blood elves are getting tired of the Horde's shit. The draenei have found a way to remove demonic energy, and can now cleanse blood elves and turn them back into their former selves. Many blood elves defect into the Alliance, and there's a potential civil war in Quel'Thalas. They are led by Alleria and Vereesa Windrunner, among many others. They have a slightly different skeleton and new animations.

Stone Dwarves: After Magni's transformation and all the recent titanic discoveries, some dwarves have discovered a way to turn themselves into stone. They can now withstand heavier blows, and also repair themselves after injuries. Their facial customization includes things like stone beards, diamond mohawks, and more. They have also recruited Earthen and other titanic creatures into their ranks, and plan to restore the glory of their ancient masters through a new religion of sorts.

Broken Draenei: The same healing techniques that restored the high elves have been used to heal the broken. They won't recover their old form, but now they can join their brethren in battle without fearing their previous weaknesses. They are led by Akama and Nobundo, who are working to find a new home in Azeroth for their people.

Berserker Jungle Trolls: The secret to the berserker form was lost long ago, but the Darkspear tribe has been able to replicate it using ancient lore salvaged from a ruined temple and by communing with the load. Berserker trolls are larger and bulkier than their normal counterparts. Now the Darkspear tribe seeks to reunite other troll tribes across the world, and claim the throne of Zandalar for themselves. They can run in all fours without the need of a mount (like worgen).

Half-Ogre Orcs: The Mok'Nathal are looking a new home in Azeroth too. Led by Rexxar after the murder of his father, they're eager to prove their loyalty to the Horde. They're slightly bigger than normal orcs, and some have ogre features, like spikes, rock-like skin, or cyclopean heads.

Darkfallen Blood Elf: In order to control the growing blood elf dissidence, Warchief Sylvanas has recruited new allies from Northrend. The darkfallen, vampiric blood elves enslaved by the Lich King, left the Scourge and wandered alone after their master's death. Now, they roam the streets of Silvermoon, killing those who defy the Horde, and forcing them into their ranks.

Aside from the above, all existing races get new character customization options to represent similar subraces, as long as their models are similar enough. These include: Different orc clans, different dwarf clans, different troll tribes, different tauren tribes, etc.

There, I wrote better subraces in just a few minutes.

God damn it Blizzard. God damn it.

Originally Posted by CoDimus the Staunch View Post
Losing Teldrassil to the Horde, but getting Lordaeron in exchange? That's fine by me. Anything to see Sylvanas get what's coming to her. She deserves it far more than a lot of other characters, who have got hit with the villain bat for far less. And hopefully the next Warchief of the Horde is not genocidal and/or cartoonishly evil, because that is getting a bit grating at this point. Post Thrall, the Horde first gets a bloodthirsty warmonger, and soon after, a complete sociopath with no redeeming qualities. Moral ambiguity is not there for these characters- they are outright villainous. Why can't the Horde get a reasonable, ethical Warchief for a change? Vol'jinn was there for a very short time.
Vol'jin would have been perfect for this expansion, he could have gotten to Zandalar and rule it, uniting all trolls.

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