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Originally Posted by Korath View Post
Okay. Who, at Blizzard, believed that reigniting the Faction War was actually healthy for the game ?
I'll be honest- at this stage, the traditional Blizzard storytelling trope of uniting opposition factions for a greater cause has gotten old. I hope that they do not half ass this faction conflict and turn it into yet another edition of 'Bigger Threats: The Game', because that is literally what every previous faction conflict ended up being. Blizzard has been using this trope since Warcraft III, and frankly, I am sick of it. So, let Blizzard subvert themselves. It would indeed be a change, to make the conflict between the factions the main focus. No contrived bigger threats this time, just a simple war between two perennial enemies, with significant losses on both sides, and the war has historical reasons for it's occurrence. I want to see them be bold enough to completely change the status quo. Let them make some daring decisions! Let some heads roll(hopefully, Sylvanas is at the top of the list in this case).

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