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Originally Posted by Kellick View Post
It certainly has! Can't complain. Been stuck in a rut for a bit, but you've got to keep moving, eh? How've you been?

Anyhow, I'm fairly certain getting your account back is something either I or an admin could manage? I'm still not 100% sure on some of the back-end of the forums. I can look into it.
Sorry to hear about said rut. I don't know if the advice of a professional things-counter would help, but if it can, do let me know.

I've been well myself. The not-for-profit audit season is winding down, and after a hectic set of deadlines filled with clients who took their sweet time in getting their information together, I'm happy for that to be over.

As for the old account. The other issue is that I don't think I even have access to the account it was linked to before now, that and I'm not going to be here for terribly long. I have been enjoying other things and I really don't want to backslide into complaining about WoW again in the consistent manner that I used to - at least not enough to get invested in the series again. (Besides, now you get to wonder what the V. means)

It's funny, because I am obviously VERY angry about recent developments, but at the same time almost serene. A part of me is hearing Khan eke out in that serpentlike tone "From Hell's heart, I stab at thee", but the other part is just bursting out laughing at how silly it is that I should even care at all.

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