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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Oh yeah Night Elven thematics and quests aren't shoved down our throat (and the throat of every single one who wants a 110 character plus alts) all the way across Azsuna, Valsharah and Suramar. You get all parts of it, the naga sushi, the crackhead highborne and the hippie druid treehugger
Oh, I don't care about Legion. I didn't stick around for it because I didn't think they'd handle an entire expansion of Night Elf content well. Sounds like I was right.

I like that.

It just needs more blood and deaths to be 10/10.
Sure thing! The Humans are led by Conrad Von Hotzendorf, and the Undead are led by Luigi Cadorna. They fight twelve pointless battles over the same river near the Arathi mountains, where no objectives are ever accomplished and hundreds of thousands of their soldiers die.
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