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Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post
I have demanded over the years good Night Elf content, not simply more of it. There was even a swath of time where I wanted them to not make any more because of what we got.

Which I don't think you liked either, by the sound of it.
As a Warcraft fan I think none of the content in the Broken Isles zones was lackluster.

As a Death Knight player, Horde fan, I was sick tired of seeing elf shit everywhere. It doesn't mean it was bad.

Now, if your standard of good Night Elven content is one that is going to be so good that pleases every single kind of player, then you must be the kind of person that prefers peer validation over authentic content.

The best part of the joke is that you are able to judge an expansion that hasn't even been out yet (we only have a few teasers) alongside another one that you didn't even play. Even better, you got legitimate negative physiological reactions from that.

It's like screaming and having a nerve attack all over the Quran (or any other book I bet you didn't read) without ever opening it.

OH! I almost forgot. You also said Legion was a Night-Elven focused expansion!

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