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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
Very heavily focused on druidism and the Nightmare. Even the massive Temple of Elune in the center of the zone was staffed by Druids of the Moon.

Its a really wierd zone, because the place is filled with Niggt Elves, and they seem to be Darnassian and not Cenarion, but no mention is given to the fact that this super sacred elune artifact is there, no explanation on why NE civilization exists in such numbers (there are multiple villages you go through).

In fact, going by in game, Id have said Val'Sharah was home to most Night Elves
That does seem strange. But then, I guess the idea of Night Elves being there in such numbers might have something to do with multiple visitors the Broken Isles mysteriously missing entire civilizations like the Nightborne on prior visits.

Was that ever explained, by the way?
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