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Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post
That does seem strange. But then, I guess the idea of Night Elves being there in such numbers might have something to do with multiple visitors the Broken Isles mysteriously missing entire civilizations like the Nightborne on prior visits.

Was that ever explained, by the way?
Outside of the Broken Shore, which was raised, the rest of the isles kinda stayed put. Them not being found is semi implied to be anyone who made it there died.

Aszuna is stormy and the entire coast is inhabited by sea giants, Val'Sharah is ringed by Hydra, High Mountain is giants...And a mountain, and Stormheim is storms, vykrul and dragons.

Suaramar would be the only one left, and it was covered by a shield.

In short, Broken Isles werent really visited.

You kniw, except for all those Night Elves.

To be honest, what really bothers me is the Warden Prison in Aszuna, because Maiev needed help and it was right there. And the Warden Prison might be the biggest mortal made place in the game. Its god damned huge
Fucking Epic :X

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