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.... and now to annoy you all further, I shall impotently react to a thread that I've been following off and on in the main Story Forums. Suffice to say, I've looked at a few threads coming out of the US and the EU forums, and I haven't seen much that's all that excited about what the Night Elves are going to get next, but this one is in a class of its own, particularly in the 'defense' responses.

Here it is for reference:

In no particular order:

Night Elves have to stop conforming to Alliance norms if they want to regain their WC3 identity.

Look at the Forsaken - they haven't assimilated into Kalimdor's Horde and they still have their WC3 identity.
The fact that the forsaken were able to retain their identity again underlines that what's happened to the Night Elves was in no way an inevitability.

You want Night Elves to be angry? Fine. But don’t pull the woe is me blizzard hates me card that people pull from their behinds everytime someone doesn’t like something.
It's kind of hard in the case of the Night Elves to assume something else. I have a spreadsheet lurking around on this site that disclaims the other possible reasons.

On a more character development level, it’s very hard to develop playable races, for over a decade, with depth to be significantly different from humans, when we are humans.
If this is true, then perhaps an MMO was just (or has become) too ambitious for Blizzard. An MMO scratches a very peculiar sort of itch, one that encourages the player to assume and represent an identity. From there, balance becomes important. That player needs to feel like they are powerful and competent - if you just smash them all of the time, is it really a surprise if they get cynical and leave your game?

Blizzard understood this through BC and parts of Wrath and, accordingly, told smaller stories about the larger world. This made the world feel grand, and made the player seem just competent enough. These were also, I would add, the most successful eras of WoW's history.

True, but would you rather prioritize a strict balance with forced quotas or good story?
The two are not mutually exclusive, and I don't think anyone can accuse Blizzard's writers of giving us a good story in the first place.

Tl;dr, in an MMO, you can’t create a super race and that’s basically is what is required to return Night Elves to WC3 levels. They need to be able to take on armies much larger than theirs.
The Night Elves were not an elven master race in Warcraft 3. They were competent, however, and every other Warcraft 3 faction has only added to its power in WoW, except the Night Elves.

Hard thing for Alliance I think is, it’s much easier to write for humans, because we are humans, than something more exotic like Nelves. And on top of that, it’s easier for players to relate and instantly understand if it’s a human organization.
Ease of writing I guess wouldn't be an issue of Activision-Blizzard was paying their taxes or actually investing into their titles as opposed to the continued financial trends of decreasing expense ratios, repeated layoffs, and the increased reliance on microtransaction revenue. SuperBunnyHop's video (pasted earlier in this thread) REALLY makes me unsympathetic to this argument, and having read Blizzard's financials for years, I'm well aware of what their capacity looks like.

Night Elves just dont belong to any faction but its own.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this claim?

True, the Night Elves don't necessarily fit in the Alliance - that's what's interesting about putting them there. Handled well, this would have been an excellent chance to portray conflict and synthesis. Mix the disparate elements together and see what comes out! It certainly worked for the Horde with the Forsaken and the Blood Elves.

The homogenization was never an inevitable result of them being in the Alliance. Again, stop pretending that the writers don't have agency.

A lot of these suggestions need to take into account that, especially since Cataclysm/MoP upset a lot of players on both factions, Blizzard has become pretty focused on faction parity. So every time you are advocating for an exhilarating Night Elf victory, you are also effectively advocating for a similar triumph for Horde players to experience.
Yes - and thus far that appears to be the Forsaken fighting back against the Alliance in Lordaeron. The mere fact that they stopped the offensive is demonstration of that.

But to extend from that, I think this has to happen on a racial level too. You can't just make one race your punching bag for all time.

And that's a big reason why the Faction War is stupid. Players demand equal actions, keep scores, and blame Blizzard, not the other faction, for loses.
The other faction didn't do squat. They're pixels with clever coding. The Horde playerbase didn't do squat. Their fantasy football team is winning and they might be irreverent about that, but they don't make things happen.

Blizzard is the ONLY party that earns the blame.

Have people not being paying attention to the Alliance story at all? Stormwind was razed to the ground just less than two decades ago! The Alliance fights for EACH OTHER. The night elves are in a period of decline, that is the point! Everyone in WoW ends up that way, the humans people keep lamenting steals everything are down to 4 out of 8 kingdoms.(I consider Theramore its own kingdom)
Two matters:

First, the fall of the human kingdoms was a big deal. They were given the weight, respect, and care that they deserved, unlike the burning of Teldrassil that just happens as a kick-the-dog moment. The Undercity got an amazing cinematic trailer, Teldrassil was Theramore 2.0: a throwaway town that was bulldozed to "make the Alliance mad" - only it wasn't a throwaway town - it was the capitol of a playable race, a home to a second - and the hub of the Alliance's presence in Kalimdor.

It should have meant quite a lot. So far however, with nothing presented about lead up or follow up, it looks like it's going to happen and be forgotten about - probably while Khadgar tells us that the war is "petty".

We're at the point where no one is ever going to be satisfied.
You do not get to mishandle a thing for over a decade and then claim that "no one can ever be satisfied" when people point out that the thing has been mishandled.

You could put this crap in a bike stick meme.


I don't know what world you live in, but Alliance players have been LOUDLY complaining about how their story is always about Humans for about a decade now.

Blizzard just doesn't care.
Ultimately we come back around to this, and I'm glad it was put so concisely. Blizzard will never remedy this problem because they have no interest in doing so. What's the solution for Night Elf fans then?

Leave the franchise.

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