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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Question is: are there people who don't want the Night Elves to be savage?

Those people are the ones who should be heard. If their arguments are strong, said issues should be addressed. If their arguments are weak, Blizzard ends up being given more than enough reasoning to make treehuggers #savage. If they don't show up at all, then Blizzard ends up knowing that they are very distanced from their audience.
I wish I could point to someone specific, but the groups that popped up in my head really don't fit the bill of what you're asking for.

Most of the time, the problem in my mind is that Night Elf fans often train their fire on pro-Alliance posters or Horde players, who understandably then defend the parts of the story that they like.

I really can't identity any other parties who take up the defense here though, and I don't think that either of those I mentioned are coming at it from the view that what's happening is optimal.
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