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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Attacking the Alliance or Horde storylines is bad because you're just telling Blizzard "I don't like your Warcraft". They couldn't care less.

Making Night Elves savage is easy and effortless. Look at the Zandalari and the Worgen (Legion). The hell, even look at Kur'talos and the Wardens.

The moment Blizzard realizes "oh, there's no anti-savage NEs support" or "oh, the existing support for anti-savage NEs doesn't really make sense" they recognize it as something worthy of being addressed.

Right now Blizzard sees the pro-savage NE fanbase as "well they complain but they are still buying and on top of that they give us free advertising by complaining lmao why would we change that".
I'm mostly in agreement with your last paragraph. I still don't think that Blizzard will care, but Night Elf fans absolutely should stop buying into a franchise that will never give them what they want.

Could it send a message? Maybe, but I doubt it would actually change anything.
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