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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
My body is ready. Lich King's can be a cat for all I care, because I'm killing him 9 times.
Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
2 down, 7 to go.

On turn 1, Arthas will cast a spell designed to cripple your gameplay.

Priest: easiest, you may no longer emote. Needless to say this was my first victory.

Warlock: I forget what the actual effect is, but basically you should only have one copy of any particular card. Gadgetzan Kabal Demonology + Reno Jackson got me through after several tries.

Rogue: he will forcibly remove all the spells from your deck

Shaman: all minions in your deck/hand reduced to 1/1

Hunter: you take two damage for each minion in your deck

Mage: you are reduced to 1 health

Druid: remove all minions that cost 3 or less.

Paladin: any minions you lose become his.

Warrior: Arthas gains +100 armor

Beyond that, he has some fairly powerful cards. He likes to freeze you, cast anti magic shell when he has a good line up of minions, and has various ways of killing your units. About turn 6 or 7 he'll pull out Frostmourne, which in his case means all his minions disappear and 6x 2/6 trapped souls appear. Until you kill them, both he and frostmourne are immune and he will use it on you or your minions with impunity. He won't play any cards while that's going on. After the trapped souls are dead the previous units are returned and he automatically will do an increasing amount of damage to you every turn so kill him quickly.

Also serious trash talk.
I’m quoting my self because after over 6months of experiments, hitting restart, and too much trash talk, I have finally defeated the Lich King with all nine classes (we need not dwell on how many times he hit me).

I’ll give my strategies below:

Priest: he messed with my game the least on this one. I found Amara was effective at keeping me alive long enough. Stealing his cards was quite effective as well.

Warlock: Kabal Demonology + Reno Jackson did the trick.

Hunter: Used the premade “I Hunt Alone” Deck. ;p

Druid: C’thun Deck

Shaman: I barely remember, but evolution tactics were useful. Especially if I Devoution and then a little lightning to wipe out the Frosmourne souls.

Paladin: Silver Hand Recruits

Warrior: Minion abuse

Rogue: Minion Only Quest Rogue (you can get the quest spell off before he takes your spells), complete with Valeera the Hollow and the Shadowdancer Legendary from K&C.

Mage: took me longer than I’m proud of to think of leading off with Kabal Lackey and counterspell. After that it was Kazakus and Frost Lich Jaina, with a Doomsayer on turn 7 to quickly get rid of Frosmourne (come to think of it that’s a pretty solid method for any class). You can actually have doubles on the Kabal Lackey and Counterspell and still meet the “only one of any card” requirement on Kazakus.

None of these techniques were fool proof. It requires patience, hitting the restart button many times, and perfect luck. Took me 6 months, including a break for Kobolds and Catacombs dungeon runs.

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