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The 'Electric Eye' song is a nice one to mold your character over, especially a warden with an engineering proficiency. And, man, I never thought of night elves when listening to 'The Sentinel', but that's kind of interesting, it's always been one of my favorite songs from them. I'd say 'Some head are gonna roll' is better from that album, but it's a really solid album all in all, second only to 'Painkiller' imo. What do you think about that one btw? And did you give the Tim Owens years a go?

That new song you linked is nice too, but I'm not a big fan of how old Halford's voice sounds in it in some parts. I mean it's only natural, dude's over 60 I think, and I loved his work with his solo band Halford despite that, but it's a bit tiresome after a while. Then again, I sort of like how he's started relying less on his screams since getting older, and the screams he does do tend to sound rougher than in his younger days.

EDIT: Wait, you're leaving for good? Last part after rereading kind of seems that way. I'd be sorry to see you go, even if I never engaged with you in any discussion, as far as I can remember. Always nice to see a less popular opinion around here, especially since you've always been so civil about it. Personally, I find a lot of the people you engage here to be obnoxious and I'm not quite sure how you have the patience. In any case, take care.
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And Lordaeron

ffs I'm the only one who cares aren't I
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And that is the Drama to being part of the Horde. There are people out there who want you dead. You honestly can’t blame them. Do you lie down and die for them? No. You enjoy the challenge. You keep your head up and move forward.

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