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The Tides of Darkness custom campaign for WarCraft 3 already was able to add oil as a resource. It required some obvious workarounds to make up for the limitation that the game engine wasn't really intended to handle it, but it was able to make oil work.

There are WC3 conversions of WC1 and Tides of Darkness, but not Beyond the Dark Portal. These conversions were very faithful, but therein lies the problem.

The gameplay, map design, story, etc of WC1 and WC2 doesn't age well especially in the original WC3 engine. RTS games since then have introduced all sorts of new ideas, such as hero units, gear customization, sub-factions, co-op and so forth. I didn't get to play the full diversity of RTS titles back in the 2000s, but I did play non-Blizzard games like Impossible Creatures, Emperor: Battle For Dune, and Dawn of War.

I'm not saying WC1/2 are bad, they were just limited by the technology and experience of the time they were made. While I'm not a fan of how Blizzard introduced hero characters whose soap opera dynamics took over the plot a la the Star Wars prequels' love story, I do think stories work better if they have characters to provide an emotional connection for the audience rather than being a largely detached depiction of a commander fighting a war.

One of the criticisms I have of WC1/2 is that it didn't really give the player much context for why and where they were fighting, giving the missions a fairly disjointed feel. The Command & Conquer series (prior to EA's mishandling) made up for this by including characters who talked to the player personally and explained the course and consequences of the war in an entertaining fashion.

You might chime in about now to say that Starcraft did the same thing, but I would contest that. Command & Conquer did include colorful characters, but the story did not revolve around them. They were just an emotional connection for the player to sympathize with the war effort, since humans famously struggle with empathizing with large numbers of people at once.

Starcraft made the terrible decision to make the story revolve around a tiny cast rather than the war they were fighting. Aside from the increasing number of plot holes and incompetency on the part of supposed military prodigies, from an objective perspective the characters are all complete a*holes who care more about their personal vendettas and romances than the fact that they are fighting in the middle of a war involving two hostile alien races and a bazillion political factions. The writer was clearly biased in favor of humanity, since the few zerg and protoss characters receive nowhere near as much characterization as the humans (which wasn't much to begin with).

I watched a let's play of Insurrection, and I was astonished by how the protoss characters there expressed more character and self-awareness in a few exchanges of dialogue than the canon protoss characters did in the entirety of Episodes 1 to 6.

But I digress.

I doubt Blizzard will remake Warcraft 1 and 2. It is probably up to the fans to do that. Hopefully Reforged will inspire more people to take up the mantle of custom campaign maker.

What I would like to see is, rather than a faithful adaptation, a spiritual adaptation with a more tightly plotted story. Perhaps the first and second wars would be best served by multiple campaigns depicting different theaters rather than one campaign for an entire war.

For example, Fall of the Lion and Coming of the Horde depict different parts of the First War and its aftermath. These campaigns are stronger for that.
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