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Originally Posted by BoxCrayonTales View Post
The gameplay, map design, story, etc of WC1 and WC2 doesn't age well especially in the original WC3 engine. RTS games since then have introduced all sorts of new ideas, such as hero units, gear customization, sub-factions, co-op and so forth. I didn't get to play the full diversity of RTS titles back in the 2000s, but I did play non-Blizzard games like Impossible Creatures, Emperor: Battle For Dune, and Dawn of War.
Yet, I think there's something to be said for playing a mission without any hero units. It's a different sort of feel. You can recreate this in some of the WCIII missions by ignoring your main character or killing him off (without using an Altar to bring him back). One of my funnest experiences in WCIII was the great Gryphon Rider roflstomp of Mal'Ganis in the final human level... which requires pretending that Arthas and Muradin don't exist, except to kill the soldiers with them to free up some food.

One of the criticisms I have of WC1/2 is that it didn't really give the player much context for why and where they were fighting, giving the missions a fairly disjointed feel. The Command & Conquer series (prior to EA's mishandling) made up for this by including characters who talked to the player personally and explained the course and consequences of the war in an entertaining fashion.
Hey, Bill Roper was a great way to give mission briefings! But we could've used more maps. The Command & Conquer games had maps between levels (as did WCIII), for fuller immersion.

Anyway. I hope Reforged doesn't take away the juggernauts on Outland or the Second War flashback. I hope they don't remove the Forest Trolls from Draenor in the BtDP flashback. But if they wanna add Lothar, Garona, and Khadgar to the flashback of killing Medivh? I'm good with that.

So help me if I see another map with Tol Barad west of Gilneas...
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