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Yet, I think there's something to be said for playing a mission without any hero units. It's a different sort of feel. You can recreate this in some of the WCIII missions by ignoring your main character or killing him off (without using an Altar to bring him back). One of my funnest experiences in WCIII was the great Gryphon Rider roflstomp of Mal'Ganis in the final human level... which requires pretending that Arthas and Muradin don't exist, except to kill the soldiers with them to free up some food.
That's certainly true, and a full blown Warcraft II remake should absolutely not involve heroic units (at least not in the way Warcraft III does), yet that does not mean it should contain all these archaic gimmics and mechanics. And if one was to redesign the gameplay to be modern enough, he'd be essentially designing a completely new game at that point. And that is something I am wary of, plus I am not sure Blizzard would want to tackle such a hassle, so First/Second War campaigns/expansion for Reforged is the safest bet.

Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
So help me if I see another map with Tol Barad west of Gilneas...
Since both Kul Tiras and Crestfall are now west of Gilneas as well, that is pretty much likely.
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