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If we are going to wishlist variants of the faction tech trees, I would like to note that Warcraft 3 did include variant tech trees in various states of completeness. Since they were usually campaign only and almost always enemies, most of them never received a consistent treatment and appeared in bits and pieces across the campaigns.

It is incredibly difficult to find information on these since I couldn't find any documentation of them online anywhere. The only way to learn about them is to extract the maps from the game MPQs and then open them in the world editor.

The High Elf and Blood Elf tech tree was a fully functional variant of the Alliance tech tree which consisted entirely of elven units. This variant is almost entirely cosmetic as far as I know, since all the unique units were added to the Alliance tech tree with the exception of the Elven Ranger being cut.

The Fel Orc tech tree was a fully functional variant of the Horde tech tree which served as a throwback to the Horde of older games by including warlocks and pig farms, as well as in one mission the cut orc hero unit Warlord. Like the High/Blood Elf tech tree, it is a largely cosmetic variant.

The Corrupted Ancients tech tree was an incomplete variant of the Sentinel tech tree which consisted of corrupted ancients, corrupted moonwells, corrupted treants, satyrs and skeletons. They didn’t appear to have worker units or heroes (btw, the Monolith map introduced the Gimp worker and Incinerator hero in an unrelated satyr tech tree).

Goblins and Demons, IIRC, were intended to receive their own tech trees but this was later scrapped and they became creep mercenaries and campaign units/buildings.

The Naga received a fully functional tech tree, but it was nowhere as large as those of the big four factions. Their tech tree was unique in that nearly all their units were amphibious, since TFT introduced naval combat although in a much cruder form compared to WC2. (There is a WC2 custom campaign, but to my knowledge there have never been naval combat mods for WC3 that take advantage of the WC3 mechanics.)

The “Underworld Minions” from the demo/prologue campaign had unit producing buildings and heroes but I’m not sure if their tech tree was functional or not. They may have been a precursor to the Naga, since their leader was a “sea witch” that used the banshee model (in WoW, she was depicted as a naga banshee, making the connection explicit).

All of these were precursors to the co-op commander tech trees introduced in Starcraft 2. Perhaps WC3R will introduce the concept of co-op commanders in the future?

What I would like to see are fully functional tech trees (probably mod only given how much Blizz is likely to care), or at least better documentation for them.
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