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Originally Posted by Flamestrider View Post
Apologies for the egregious thread necromancy, but I was going on something of a memory trip and was pretty astonished to find this post. It's just not that often that you see people apologize unprompted for five-year-old trolling.

In the event that Kenzuki is still around 7 years after posting this, I really appreciate it as the person who was possibly your primary antagonist in online debates circa 2007. I was a teenager myself back then, and probably often more combative than the situation warranted. My own politics haven't changed too much -- if anything, I'm somewhat further to the left than I was then, as a result of meeting a lot of people with backgrounds very different than my own. I expect we still disagree on way more things than we agree on. But the notion that I could probably have a reasoned conversation with somebody whom I primarily associate with vitriol-filled online debates about the innate morality/intelligence of orcs is somehow really comforting to me, especially in the present political moment. So thank you.

Also, hi other people I knew back in the day if any of you are still around (Aldrius? Timolas? Kerrah? Omacron? ARM?). What's new?
Well now, I don't recall you at all, and judging by those names you might've been before my time, but you seem a very friendly sort, nice to see you.
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