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Originally Posted by Sa'danak View Post
I don't agree with you on base game at all. Class halls and their associated questlines and class based and fleshed out champions, artifacts and their multiple progression avenues and every individual class having their own tier sets were very big things to lose. Anecdotally the game felt meatier too.

Patch wise you may be right but its not that easy. 7.1 came out very strong with rounding out the Nightborne story with a very fleshed out questline. Broken shore did immediatly drop the ball straight afterwards though so BFA will very likely beat that out. After that though Argus is a hell of a bar to cross. We shall see.
7.2 was the biggest patch in terms of content at the time of its launch. It had a small questline + scenario + mount + new tech for customized cutscene for 12 classes. And the Legion invasions, of course.

The content of the Broken Shore quests was lackluster, yes, but don't go dismissing the patch as a whole just because of it.

8.1 brings the Faction Assaults, with lots of lore, finely-tuned NPCs doing specific stuff in the new zones, the new game mechanic for unlocking new outposts and upgrading them, two new islands for expeditions, the Darkshore content (questline + cutscene + warfront set designs + warfront) and the first part of the Azerite system overhaul (vendor + new traits + deletion of old boring traits).

That's waaaaaaaay more than 7.1.
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