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Runes The Elder Scrolls - Games and Such

First off it's nice to heat that Skyrim will be out in "11-11-11" (Urrg, I hate it when they do that), though what's everyones opinons about the Elder Scrolls series to begin with?

Especially with the last two games that became very popular; Morrowind and Oblivion. (Though in all honestly Oblivion seemed to copy its expansions from Morrowind)

What was your experience with the vast ashland of Vvardenfell, who'd ya join, etc?

Same can be said for Oblivion, but factions have little instances within this.
Also: What do you hope Bethseda will make with Skyrim that they haven't already said (dual-wielding, children, etc) but do you think they should have some references to games like Morrowind and Oblivion to fill some lore? Create new factions, or even add a complexity to them.

And because I'm just very excited here are the lyrics of the 'endsong' at the end of the trailer if anyone didn't venture into Youtube or see Bethseda correct all the people.

"Dovahkiin Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
ahrk fin norok paal graan
fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal"
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