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Originally Posted by Ashendant View Post
I thought that was a test...

EDIT: Yes it's a test nothing like the Shievering Isles
Orly? Which is why you met a daedric lord, did everything he did, basically became 'tainted' by that world and became apart of his plans?

Yeah...nothing like it except the whole plot and quests. The only difference is that the Shivering Isles tries to 're-introduce' the 'factions are important' aspect. But it doesn't do it successfully.

Unless the House of Mania and Dementia had some purpose?


We won't see much of Vivec man, or Vvardenfell. We might see Solestiem or even an Argonian-run Morrowind. Example; what happen to House Redoran? The Tribunal Temple? etc
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