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Originally Posted by jjstraka View Post
Average salary is $51,000 a year. And this isn't even ABOUT the concessions. They have already indicated they would be willing to live with almost all of them. Walker is trying to strip them of all their collective bargaining rights. That is what this is about. And in a world were corporations are now afforded the same rights as people, the same legal standard shoud apply to unions as well, or the individual will be smothered.
That's not what I read. And even if I concede your $51k average, it's high.

You're reading nothing but leftist propaganda, as usual, and regurgitating the same.

Unions are dog-shit for the economy, and they suck for their workers, and that's a fact. If you pay union dues, you're a fucking moron. You're way better off WITHOUT collective bargaining. Federal labor laws provide all the protection you need.
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