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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
Unions served a purpose in the early days of industrialization and such, but now they've really become extensively bloated and inefficient, really focused more on the comfort of its members rather than doing their jobs. A lot of unions (I wouldn't say all, because I don't know about every single union) need to be stripped bare, reworked or otherwise abolished. Again, I'm a nominal "New York Liberal", but that's actually one of the reasons why I dislike unions: because my morning commute is shitty in part due to the Metropolitan Transit Workers' Union.
Yeah, you said it better than I did.

I've worked at several companies that have been partly unionized, and have a few relatives who pay union dues.

They don't get a damned thing for their money. The union bosses get fat taking a cut of your check, they don't "collectively bargain" for anything you can't get on your own, and they don't do shit for you when you really need help.
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