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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
Unions served a purpose in the early days of industrialization and such, but now they've really become extensively bloated and inefficient, really focused more on the comfort of its members rather than doing their jobs. A lot of unions (I wouldn't say all, because I don't know about every single union) need to be stripped bare, reworked or otherwise abolished. Again, I'm a nominal "New York Liberal", but that's actually one of the reasons why I dislike unions: because my morning commute is shitty in part due to the Metropolitan Transit Workers' Union.
Really, Unions need to be abolished?? Under what legal precedent exactly?? The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling gave corporations the same rights as citizens and now allows them to spend UNLIMITED amounts of money to influence political campaigns. The unions wisely incorporated to counter this. This ruling is a darling of the right-wing, but they only want it to apply to the corporations, not unions. Tough shit on that one, if the oligarchs are playing this game then the unions can play by the same rules. For christ sake, there are Republican's in the Missouri House that want to abolish child labor laws.

And Bolvar, I will say again, the unions have come out and said that they are willing to accept every single, solitary bit of Walker's cuts. All of them. And yet he is still insisting on stripping them of their collective bargaining rights. Why?? Because this isn't about the budget. The Wisconsin budget had a surplus when Walker came in. What did he do?? He immediately passed over $130 million dollars in corporate tax breaks (responsible for 90% of the "defecit") and then declared a budgetary emergency that he created on purpose, and then decides that this would be a good time to make teachers and prison guards take a benefits cut. So scum like the Koch brothers can buy another vacation home. This has nothing to do with the budget, it has everything to do with destroying the middle-class. I love how he says that "He stands with the taxpayers of Wisconsin over the unions." I must have missed the part where union members don't pay state taxes in Wisconsin.
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