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Mmmm so much delicious American hatred! I'm not sure about Ash but at least Lon has stated it's just the government he has the biggest issue with. Anyhow, in this period of time, America just happens to be "that" country, the world's police. Others have had their time in the past (Britain, France, Rome, Egypt, and yes, even Spain) and one notices how much more bold and aggressive they are when they are at the top. You don't think for a second that Spain, Portugal, even some random country like Sudan would play more boldly if they had the same resources and manpower that the US has at the current moment? It's simply a matter of when to step up to the bat and when to just sit in the dugout and wait your turn.

Original topic: Unions were excellent and served a great purpose many years ago but now they need to be "restructured" like Omacron said.
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