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Originally Posted by Wabbajack View Post
It is draconic and not supposed to sound like english.
When you know what is sung you probably stop hearing english words. It's perfectly normal to misinterpreted words in unknown languages as words you know. Dovahkiin for example really sounds like "For the King" if you do not know what is sung.
I'm pretty sure the whole song is in english, i mean if i could only hear some parts in english, fine it would be in Bethesda made up language, but it's clearly says
...For the sake of skyrim, for our land for our home, for the High Hrothgar blood,... for the sole single son...

The fact that you can hear the name of a ingame location in the song in english even make it more believable that the song has double lyrics

edit: no it's not skyrim the ingame location that i mentioned in the song

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