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I believe religion is unhealthy and ultimately corrupt when it's practiced in mass but I don't care enough to try to change other people's opinions, especially since lots of people can get pretty unreasonable when you even politely question their faith.

Originally Posted by Exxile87 View Post
I'm religious. And if you try and tell me it's crutch that I use because of some weakness or stupidity I'm trying to hide, I'll hit you so hard in the face your future child's plastic surgeon will never run out of money.
Not to be that guy but hitting people in the face wouldn't help your argument.
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And Lordaeron

ffs I'm the only one who cares aren't I
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And that is the Drama to being part of the Horde. There are people out there who want you dead. You honestly can’t blame them. Do you lie down and die for them? No. You enjoy the challenge. You keep your head up and move forward.
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