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I don't simply care about it. Sometimes, during special celebrations, I go to church, but more because of tradition rather than faith. Christmas morning, special days, weddings... when the grandma is around, most of the times. I find it boring as hell except during celebrations, when it's nice to attend.

However, I believe people must learn local religion, no matter their beliefs, just because it's an important part of our historical background. I learned it and I'm fine with it. Without it I wouldn't understand the roots of my society.

Also, I appreciate the work the church does to society by helping ONGs and taking care about the poor people. Most people don't see this, but the church is pretty much behind all social stuff.

I hate zealots on both sides, both those that want to force their interpretations of the bible because they're right and those that want to see all churches burned because they feel they want to brainwash society. Both are retards.

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