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Sorry to say this, but the only reasonable way to think is that there's no God until proven otherwise. We don't say there MAY be a Tooth Fairy. We just say there isn't one because it doesn't make a lot of sense or it's not in line with what we know of the universe.

I can't stand religious people (and yes, this makes my everyday life a little harder, but I try to avoid the subject unless I'm in the mood for some trolling). 80.6% of the population here is Catholic.

However, I really don't go as far as insulting people for their beliefs. I can't really wrap my mind around believing in a God, mostly because I never did, so if you have any questions to an individual who never truly believed in a God, go ahead.

Yes, I went to church when I was a child, but only because they had free food and a nice Science & Tech class on Saturdays (which now I find ironic, because they actually taught us about Dinosaurs and some basic experiments like the vinegar volcano and such).

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