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Originally Posted by Vyomesh View Post
I mist firstly admit that I am a very negative person overall. But at this moment I am VERY worried about the game.

Never before has an expansion gathered THIS much hate across the board..
People everywhere are raging at MoP, and looking at the official Youtube video I think the dislikes are starting to win....

What are your thoughts?
People are naturally conservative and aren't ready for change, i generally dislike the panda side of it.

But in deep analysis this is designed to make gameplay and progression more varied which felt that it was too linear(not in terms of quests but more in terms of raids being you only way to progress in this game).

It's kinda like runescape where you have multiple lines of progress that are interconnect but can act separetely(various skills, minigames, combat arenas), of course in runescape there are so many angles you can progress that it becomes overwhelming
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