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Originally Posted by oblivion View Post
Maybe they were cheap but i don't think so, they also added a new class. we only got two races or one class so far. now we have a new race and a new class (with all new animations). so its the same amount of work.

another thing: what could they have possibly added as another race? Pandas are the most requested race and i can't fathom anything that could compete with them. The whine from pandas being faction specific would be even more than it is now. Pandas now go both ways and we get a new class. for me it worked out quite well.
I don't like it, but I don't think it's wrong. I would have preferred 2 races because that's double the lore, but meh. Also, it's a class, not a hero class, so it probably won't get any special starting zone.

Naga or mantid would have made good races, for example.

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