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I'm pissed at the trailer, because Metzen hyped up the HvA and the former showed almost nothing of that.

I'm pissed because character models are not updated. Yes, I think the pandas are a joke and garbage, but that won't alone deter me from getting the expansion considering my main objective throughout 2004-2011 has always been just goofing around on my rogue, killing people and being interested in iconic Warcraft lore.

I'll still await until the end of the beta to make my judgement on the expansion's quality. But I'm definitely not getting the annual pass, pre-ordering or any of the sort.

Edit: Scratch that, let me focus in on what I want to say. Everyone knows they trademarked Mists of Pandaria a while ago, and no other trademarked games were made. I think people could see this coming, but what I personally didn't like yesterday was the massive focus on Pandarens, and not nearly any focus on the Horde vs. Alliance.

Come on.

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