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Originally Posted by Sarahmoo View Post
Statistically, Pandaren have been the most requested addition to World of Warcraft by a large margin. There's no problem, just a loud and angry minority.
When I hear this said, I read it as a pre-emptive rationalization of oncoming disappointment with "people don't know what they want and are too stupid to be worth pleasing." Pandaren have been requested forever, but there is a concept of "too much of a good thing."

I don't like MoP very much. However, I don't think there's much Blizzard could have done to reverse WoW's secular decline, except perhaps through radical game changes that no one really expected. I would've preferred a South Seas expansion, but do I think this would have had a huge impact on Blizzard's bottom line? No. Those who subscribe / unsubscribe over lore are small in number, and can be re-enticed in the future.

I haven't played WoW too much since patch 2.3. Each time an expansion comes out, I reactivate my account, play through the new leveling content, fuck around in the dungeons a while, and then quit within 2 months. I will likely do this for MoP, and I would have done this for any other expansion. For players who meet my profile - and I suspect there are many - Blizzard's best strategy isn't to choose Setting A over Setting B - it's to come out with lots of small expansions that expand the endgame and perhaps keep players engaged for a while. I'm hoping that the relatively-unambitious scope of MoP (6 new zones? Really?) at the moment portends a faster expansion cycle (as Blizzard reps have repeatedly stated they'd like to see.)

But the fundamental question that anyone should be asking here is NOT whether they would have preferred something other than MoP, but what Blizzard could have done instead of MoP that would lead to dramatically-different expected subscribership features. An expansion based around Azshara and N'Zoth really wouldn't do it, imo. Yes, it would've generated more initial hype but I don't think that translates to too much.
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