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Originally Posted by Exxile87 View Post
No. At 12 million, half would be six. There are still something like 7 million GW1 accounts active. Also, that's half of their monthly income, which would be crippling to the company as a whole. If they lost half of their subscribers instantly, WoW would be considered a colossal failure.
Especially if it's from the US and EU side of things.

Anyway, here are my thoughts.

I know WoW has always been a bit light with its brand of humor, and I can appreciate panda people.. The way I see it, you can do adam west batman or you can do bale batman. I'll wait and see how the panda play out.

Pokemon thing has been requested before. Its addicting enough that it will hold a hell of a lot of people. I don't exactly like it, but they can expand it to be something fun. If pets in the pet store are usable and have special abilities, then they fail.

The 6 point talent system pissed me off. We should have more customization, not less. Even though this offers some real variety, some of the things mention are way to good to pass up (AoE roots, healing for 20% of your health every time you shift into a form, kittystep). If these talents are easily changeable by say, a glyph or a item you can carry with you, I can see them working, but really they are edging on changing the core design of their came with it.

Instance runs are meh for the challenge things.

PvE scenario? Meh. Doesn't interest me in the slightest. If I can just spam through it with four DPS its not going to be interesting other than a once or twice thing, and if its done with two DPS and a healer and a tank, its not going to be challenging, unless they change it based on roles..

Monk? no auto attack is rather funny, all things considering, but I'll wait and see how that works out.

Over all, not a fan, but I'll give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt
Fucking Epic :X

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