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Originally Posted by Leviathon View Post
Football used to not have the pads and helmet. Concussions and deaths changed that.
Do you know why your handegg sport did not use any pads and helmets? Because it originated from a sport named Rugby Football, a kind of mix between the two. Gradually, it evolved into the sport that it is now, and Yanks dropped the "Rugby" in Rugby Football to make it easier.

Originally Posted by Fordragon View Post
The modern helmet is also extremely easy to use as a weapon. Hence, those knuckle-whuffing corndog-chowing cranberry juice bitches what play Rugby can't handle a weapon. Like how boxing got way more dangerous when gloves were added because suddenly fists were more than twice as heavy and people were no longer reluctant to punch for the upper half of the head.
The fact that the helmet can be used offensively doesn't change the fact that it is also for defence. People hit harder knowing that their opponent is well-protected. Now imagine you playing rowdy-tough Murican handegg without your precious armor. Rugby is a more dangerous sport.
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