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Originally Posted by Kenzuki View Post
Greetings, fellow Scrolls of Lore acolytes. I wanted to take the time to make a small statement to all of the older members of this board who knew me way back when. I want to apologize for being a hyper-religious, zealous douchebag to a number of you. During these years of my absence, I have become more moderate in my views and approach to life and matters of faith. I still consider myself to be a Christian, and still quite conservative on a number of issues, but I've also developed a heavy moderate stance on many issues.

So please accept my heartfelt apologizes for being a douchebag years ago, and I look forward to returning to the great discussions we once had about Blizzard lore.
Hey Ken, nice to see you're still alive and kicking! And apology accepted, even though that was so long ago (and we were all kids) I don't really feel you've got anything to apologise for.
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