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So many really old posters.

Originally Posted by Kenkuzi
Yeah, I plan to stick around this time. I've really missed all the good times we had discussing/arguing over the lore. I must say though, it's not the same without being able to theorize what's going on with Illidan/Arthas/Deathwing because they're all dead now....and from what I've heard the Old Gods are being killed too!

I hear Garrosh Hellscream is supposedly the end boss of MoP. I mean, we go from Illidan/Kil'jaeden (should have been freaken Illidan all along), Arthas, and Deathwing to Garrosh.....
There's lots of new things to speculate and a lot of characters to trash like Crazy Sylvanas, Garrosh Genocide, Spineless Baine, Gallywix the huggy, Bob and Awesome Vol'jin
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