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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
I'm baaack! With my latest educational escapade over with, I once again have time to look things over on this forum. First up, a long-overdue favor for an old friend.
No lie, I was reading a book on digital publishing (I'm working on my novel, and I'm going to publish it - read for the latest) and wondering if I should bother with this fanfic anymore, or perhaps see if I can give it away on Amazon as an e-book to build readership.

Nobody's replied to this thread in weeks. You did at the EXACT moment I was having that thought. I know a divine sign when it hits me over the head like a sledgehammer.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Reading Ori much?

Ah, the perils of messing with history. I love discussions on the subject, though I'm not sure why.
Present tense implies Hollus is alive as of writing.
Maybe I missed something, but Ori's story takes place way in the future. Mine, with the exception of the backward time travel, are present-time, or very close to it. Hollus dies in her story, but it should be years from now.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
It's true we know virtually nothing of the Arathorian Empire, but Tarren Mill and Andorhol probably didn't exist that far back. At the very least, they weren't called by those names. Settlements can be abandoned and reoccupied multiple times the timescale we're talking about here. However, you need places to mention, and these have the virtue of marking known locations.
Precisely. I'm tackling lore that Blizzard themselves hasn't touched. Your point about name changes is entirely valid - we know Strom was around, we know the Alterac Mountains were around. We suspect Thoradin's wall was around.

Quel'thalas is known to exist.

Everything else is an assumption or convenient plot device.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Isn't James "Lord Braddock?" Lord Barov was in charge of Caer Darrow.
Legit screw-up here... thanks for catching it. And the other edits.

Seriously, I'd pay you a few bucks to send you the entire story to date in MS Word format and just do all the edits you deem necessary prior to publishing it online.

Shadrach's characterization as an impulsive screw-up sure does land him in trouble. In any case, I'm sorry I didn't read these sooner. Keep up the great work! [/QUOTE]
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