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The First Age of Light
After the destruction of Tathamet, and the crafting of her corpse into the Burning Hells to serve as a prison for the demons that they defeated, the angels threw themselves into a grand celebration... and a grand crusade, seeking to destroy the remaining holdouts of demonic influence upon the myriad worlds they infested. While before demons had regenerated in the twisting nether, the creation of the Burning Hells allowed angels to bind their souls there, imprisoning them upon their rebirth.

Leaderless, the demons fell before Imperius and his armies with surprising ease, and in time the demons were forced into either hiding, no longer capable of fielding the forces needed to face angels in the open, and restricting themselves to skulking in isolation, or fleeing far from Angelic armies. Imperius ever relished the glory of combat, and pursued his remaining quarry persistently, though the demons were too scattered now to pose a threat to the heavens themselves, the angels would not allow the demons to freely wreak havoc on the rest of creation. With the demonic armies in disarray, many angels found themselves able to focus on existence outside of the Eternal Conflict's constant battles. Auriel dedicated herself to mending worlds torn by demonic aggression, often partnering with Imperius and traveling in his wake after he had purged a world, or aiding him in battle on the rare occasions the demons were entrenched enough to pose a threat. Itherael and Malthael began traveling alongside their titanic allies to assist in the shaping of worlds and studying the grandeur and magic of the universe. Tyrael, ever dutiful, traveled between his angelic kin and serving as a beacon of justice upon each world he alighted upon.

Many worlds flourished in the outpouring of light and peace, many angels, and even members of the Angiris council at times, would briefly appear to the mortals upon worlds when in combat with demons or to purify demonic taint from the eternal conflict. Though most angels regarded mortals as little more than weak and pitiable creatures, they always protected them all the same as part of creation, and a few angels even began to develop a faint fondness for them.

Tragically, the forces of the Burning Hells were not idle, and the age of light was not to last forever.

The Breach Of The Hells
Shortly after the creation of the burning hells, the Great Evils arose from Tathamet's corpse. Without the angels to do battle against, the Evils and other demons swiftly fell upon each other in a bloody war for domination of their realm. The constant influx of new demons trapped within the realm by the angels purges ensured the war was chaotic and mercurial, with entire legions of demons erupting within the middle of newly conquered territory, only to themselves be buried beneath the deluge of corpses from another army of demons invading to take advantage of the confusion.

Ultimately, Mephisto set Azmodan and Belial against Andariel and Duriel while his forces united with the armies of his siblings, Baal and Diablo, then crushed their divided enemies. The Hells were each divided up by the Great Evils, with the three Prime Evils claiming victory and dominion over the divided forces of the Lesser Evils, but awarding them each a realm to maintain a modicum of control over the chaotic realm's core, as even after centuries of bloody conquest, the demons could not extend their reach into the anarchic wastelands upon the edges of the hells.

With the hells finally held together by Prime Evils tyranny, the siblings set their plan to escape their prison and wreak their horrors upon creation once more. The Burning Hells had been crafted with the Worldstone through the combined efforts of the Angels and Titans it would be impossible to escape from within alone, and the titans and angels were fully aware that demons still free from the Hells might attempt to summon their kin from outside its confines, so the Hells were firmly warded against such magics as well, but the Great Evils labored together to find ways to reach out from within their prison, to peer into the cosmos that their scattered kin still inhabited, and search for ways to tear free of the Hells.

The Great Evils found their answer in the creatures of the void, though the demons were unaware of the Old Gods and Void Lords, their kin that still skulked in the dark places of the cosmos had caught glimpses of other creatures of the void in the past, lowly voidwalkers and beings of shadow. If the great evils could not escape or be summoned from the Hells directly, they would do so through the empty realm of the void, it would be a simple matter to tear open a rift and simply use the shadowy dimension as a middle-ground, or so they thought.

For thousands of years the demons struggled to pierce their prison, cannibalizing each other for power in rebellions and massive rituals of sacrificial violence, but when they finally succeeded in tearing a gap in the hells, they found themselves besieged by the forces of the void.

The Old God Na-Krul had heard the demons scrabbling upon the walls of their prison for eons, and had assaulted the barrier to the hells from within the void, its power finally spilling out of a dark pit in the center of the hells realms known only as the Abyss as it sought to consume the energies of the hell for itself.

For the first time, the Great Evils fought alongside one another leading their armies against the Old God and relishing in having a new enemy upon which to vent their millennia of frustrated bloodlust. Though not empowered by the consumption of Azeroth's wild gods, Na-Krul was a powerful old god that had consumed many of its kin. It produced endless waves of Aqir and faceless soldiers that fought zealously, never before had creation witnessed two armies of such depraved zeal clashing. The Old Gods and Demons mental manipulations had little effect upon each others forces, and though the demons would perish if slain within the burning hells, just as they would in the twisting nether, they fought with a determination they had never known before.

For the demons, this was not just a wanton slaughter as so many had known in ages past, or that those born within the hells had heard tales of this was a battle for their liberation, that would allow them to escape their prison and into the Great Dark once more. And so the Great Evils pressed with crazed fervor, Andariel whipping the demons forces into a frenzies, Duriel butchering the Aqiri by the thousands, Azmodan commanding the demonic armies, Belial weaving illusions to disguise the demons numbers and forces, Baal annihilating Na-Krul's generals and Mephisto slaying his spellcasters, Diablo strode through the ranks and finally smote Na-Krul himself, sending him back into the void and finally allowing demons to be summoned into the Great Dark once again.

The Second Great Conflict

Scholars across myriad worlds debate whether to consider it a continuation of the Eternal Conflict, or separate, but the difference is trivial, the demons that had never been trapped within the hells erupted from hiding, summoning their kin en masse, and the forces of the Great Evils poured out into the Great Dark. Belial and Mephisto would have preferred to move subtly, but their demonic kin proved impossible to placate, fresh from their victory over Na-Krul they felt unstoppable, and entire worlds were razed in the ensuing tide of mindless bloodshed.

Determined not to let their enemies entrap them ever again, the Great Evils focused on spreading their forces as far as they could while the angels were still struggling to respond. Imperius and his forces had quickly moved to battle the resurgent demons, but many of their kin were unprepared for the sudden return of their demonic foes. Auriel and Tyrael managed to organize the Heavenly forces to defend worlds too weak to resist demonic incursion, but it would take time for the Angiris Council to be fully assembled, and this time their titanic allies would only be able to provide token aid, as most of their forces were still caught in their own conflicts containing the Old gods.

Even so, the angelic forces carried out hit and run campaigns of heroic bravery, diving into the newly formed demonic holdouts and devastating them before they could be fortified, though they lacked the forces to commit to the complete purge of worlds needed to retake them. Many worlds saw the angels as saviors amidst the chaotic onslaught of the demons, appearing and defending them, then disappearing just as quickly. On others, titanic guardians awoke from slumber to crush the interloping demons and protect the grand facilities of their makers.

The Angels and Titanic guardians were not the only forces to oppose the demons though, other entities across the Great Dark fought against the demonic hordes. Radiant Naaru, wild gods, awakened elementals, enraged spirits, and even mortal civilizations like the Aldrachi took up arms to defend their homes.

In time, the Angiris council reconvened and coordinated a full assault against the demonic swarms. Seizing their opportunity, the Great Evils convened and led their elite forces in an abrupt siege upon the Diamond Gates of the High Heavens themselves. With the vast majority of the heavens forces dispatched to other worlds, the Angels found themselves in a desperate battle, but ultimately the Evils fell to infighting. The angels rallied and took advantage, driving them back to their tormented realms, mourning for the worlds that had been consumed in this terrible demonic offensive, but victorious. With the Evils in retreat, and the rest of their forces spread thin and unable to fortify their holdings, the demonic infestation that had spilled out of the hells was broken up but it had spread too far and clung stubbornly to the worlds that it had nested upon.

Though the second chapter of the great conflict had ended, its lingering taint had sown the seeds of future terrors.
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