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Originally Posted by Erthad View Post
Can I be critical/moreso fanboyish?

Ok, why no mention of Trollbane? And why isn't the Stromgarde-Alterac rivalry mentioned at some point? And why no Tyr?

I forgot to say that this was a fun post.
You know, I'd honestly forgotten that Danath was related to the lords of Stromgarde. I guess my head canon was just that he was a really tough soldier who earned his title in the Second War.

I didn't actually know about Tyr being a hero of old. Now that I do, I'm thinking it'd be interesting to have him be a human warrior who is claimed by both the Arathi and Dromascoi populations as one of their own.

I also didn't know (or perhaps forgot) the Stromgarde-Alterac rivalry. Could you go into more detail about this? I had Alterac as being such a backwards nation that it's hard to imagine anyone considering them a worthwhile rival, but if they did something notable I'm sure it could happen.

EDIT: I'm a Stromgarde fan myself, so I'd be quite happy to add some more details related to the kingdom. Also, I like to pronounce it SHTROM-gahr-duh.
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