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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
It's absolutely not necessary, but I think Ner'zhul building upon his Shadowmoon knowledge and traditions to form a separate geopolitical entity is a neat concept once once you take away the whole "apocalyptic army created by demons to weaken Greater Azeroth" angle, so why not toy with it?
The Cult of the Damned was an intriguing idea. I like the idea of a Lich King. I'm just not sure if Ner'zhul was necessary for the Scourge. It could be much like the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow where human contact with orc necrolytes and death knights spurred a new fascination with undeath and a new heretical movement. (Where there is Light, there must also be shadow.) Kel'thuzad could occupy much the same place as Ner'zhul. They even both have needless fantasy apostrophes in their names.

I would also have considered something for orcs more along the lines of what GW2 did for the charr. The conquering bestial charr were antagonists of the first GW game. By the beginning of GW2, charr rejected the demonic titans that the shaman caste followed, believing them to be "false gods." However, instead of looking backwards on pre-Titan worship practices, the charr embraced self-reliance and technology, ushering in the industrial revolution. Charr tolerate magic in so far as its utility for warfare.

In some regards this is similar to the Iron Horde, but I would have enjoyed having Thrall lead the orcs to an industrial revolution rather than a spiritual one. Screw the "demons made us do bad things" narrative and in favor of "demons made us weak." While bad stuff happens in the north, Thrall takes advantage of the situation and reconquers Stormwind and builds the new orcish industrial capital on top of its ruins.

I did not mean to imply heroes shouldn't have been a thing, just perhaps that they should have been tackled a bit differently.
Fair enough.

Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
What's wrong with having the Scourge with a different Legion? Reading the thread, the agreement seems to be less having no Legion and more having a remade Legion that's not some master behind both the Orcs and Scourge (who are both still factions but they are less rooted in the Legion).
Not sure if I would have any Legion. Powerful demon lords that other demons follow (e.g., Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, etc.)? Sure. Various Legions of demonic hordes? Probably not. I would prefer the driving force any Scourge to be the "human" element of self-interest, power, and fear of death rather than demons. Have the Scourge be an external representation of the dark Shadow and corruptive decay of the Alliance of Lordaeron and its Light.
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