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I'm not sure if I would count death as being on the side of peace completely, it depends on what you think a spirit of death would be, I guess.
If you only count death as a state of being dead then yea, it would be part of peace, as in 'the peace of the grave'. If you count the procedure of dying as 'death' , then no, because violent deaths would also fall into that spirit's realm.

Also I think that part of the job of 'death' is sorting out the souls and where they go. Like in Bwonsamdi's case, where some of the spirits say they'll finally have peace and celebrate with Bwonsamdi in the afterlife, but if you lead a 'bad' life you'll have some really bad times ahead after your death.

So in my view death is a completely separate and independent entity from both peace and war, because death is present in every scenario and no matter what happens in a world, as long as there is a flow of time on it.
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