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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
Yoggy, here's your problem:

You actually believe this. No hyperbole, right? You actually think this is mathematically true.
Not mathematically but in general racists tend to be more conservative. The southern democrats were more conservative than northern democrats for instance. That's not to say liberal racists don't exist but in general racists tend to be more conservative than liberal. It's an ugly thing to admit but it's true. Gani lashed out when confronted with the fact that those lynching images were held at mainstream conservative rallies.

I also meant it when I said a lot of christians would CHEERFULLY be stoning gays to death in the street if they could (and unlike Muslim funds THEY have a chance of getting their agenda passed). People like John Hagee, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum seem VERY keen on bringing back the old testament, and at least 57% of all republican voters are not opposed to a theocracy. Hell American Evangelicals helped create the current laws in uganda that allow the death penalty for homosexuality.

THAT Is why people are more willing to go after christians. There's an atrocious double standard where Christian fundies are portrayed as harmless when given the power they would gleefully make America a theocracy. In fact, given that they actually have the ability to carry out their agenda (as opposed to a few isolated muslims who are generally dismissed as losers in their own community) Christian fundamentalists are FAR more dangerous.

It's also why "regressive leftist" is a snarl world. It's basically used by people who want to act like christianity is a shining beacon of light and that muslims are a monolith who must become "house muslims" in order to fit in.
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