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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
-Get more people, the forums feels to be dying and we need some new faces to keep things lively.
On this particular note, you've admitted yourself to only frequent the General sections of the forum, not really paying attention to the rest. I do the same whenever there's content droughts.

The Warcraft sections still get plenty of activity as soon as something happens in WoW, be it the Gameplay section for patches and updates, or the Lore section for books, short stories, audio dramas, and stuff. Admittedly there's not as much traffic as there used to be, but I think that's a case of these kinds of forum boards being a dying medium in general.

People come and go, yes. But the community as a whole is still here, be it on the forum or on the Discord (the Discord, by the way, has drawn lurkers out of lurking and into brief discussions too, if I'm not mistaken).
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