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Originally Posted by MisterCrow View Post
So it kinda sounds like if we want something to happen, we need to find someone with time to work on the backend (or secure funds so we can pay someone to do it) and ask Warlock if he'll grant access to that person in order to let the work occur.

If Warlock's happy with the state of the site then this whole discussion is moot.
I can guarantee one thing. No one (Warlock, Staff,or Users) is happy with the fact we're out of date.

In terms of funding, I can't drop half a G on a dime, but we're not strapped for cash enough that we can't afford the software. Non-volunteer time, however, is costly. Thus the call for people who both know the ropes and are willing/able to give us the generosity of their time. And, of course, be trustworthy (since they'd be able to access databases that include user info).

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