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Hello Friends.

Disclaimer - There have been a couple of things that I've been hearing behind the scenes for Blizzard. Where or what and how I do not want to discuss - take it how you want it with a grain of salt. I am in no shape or form responsible for these rumors or factual evidence.

Blizzcon 2017:

Hearthstone: Treasure/Pirate Themed Expansion

Overwatch - Melee Support Hero + New Map with Unique Objective

Heroes of the Storm - Hanzo and Firebat

Diablo 3 - Nothing

World of Warcraft - Void Themed Expansion with Ship Managment and Cataclysm 2.0/Azeroth Revamp, 120 Level Cap + World Quests in Azeroth and more. Don't want to spoil the rest since Blizzcon is so close, but yes there will be good fan service.

2018 and Beyond

Diablo 3 - Druid Class

Overwatch - Campaigns

Warcraft 4 - Planned for 2019 Reveal/Announcement most likely at Blizzcon 2019 (Game does exist) Dates may change.
Next big step for Blizzard in the RTS Genre and their next big numbered sequel, will run parallel storylines with WoW.

StarCraft - In the brainstorming process

The Dev Team

Some of the Key Devs of World of Warcraft Dev team have moved over to the Diablo Dev Team

Dustin Browder (StarCraft 2 main guy and Heroes of the Storm) moved over to a new project/team at Blizzard

Next Diablo Project is in knee deep development