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There was a time I’d have thrown a fair bit of money at this site, given its current state I have to reconsider. The lag is I feel is SOL death kneels. The writing quality is the specfic franchise this thrived on and more specifically the lack of intellectual speculation is decayed. I barely come here anymore and the qualify had been mired in the mud for the longest time. Dragged down by, even after all these years sad high school drama, the trollery and the endless conversations that pertain to little of what this community is for or it’s general purpose. I mean, this is a tough love moment but Blizzard games and more specifically their lore are barely discussed here anymore when it does bode well. As I’m typing this out I guess I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m finally done here. To those I was a playful jerk to, never really meant it, Slow in particular. The most toxic in the earlier years, glad their gone but the lead seeped into the soil. These days I realize Overwatch is my Blizzard jam and folks here just don’t share that passion. Be well, good luck and if things improve I look forward to talking to you all if stuff gets interesting again and the community matures past genetic edge lordery that can be found literally anywhere else. To the friendship made, see you on

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